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1) BE RESPECTFUL. Please be respectful of other players and of the mods. We do not tolerate harassment of other players in Recollé.

2) SPEAK TO THE MODS. If you have any concerns at all, please bring them to the mods first. We are here to facilitate the smooth running of the game, and we can best do that if you speak to us about anything you are having problems with. You can find our mod contact post here.

3) IC IS NOT OOC. Please remember that IC actions do not equate OOC feelings in general. Please also remember that while this is so, IC actions have IC consequences.

4) TRY TO STAY IC. While Recollé is a game in which all characters start as an AU, we ask that all characters resemble their original canon selves. We also ask that you stick with your AU as is submitted at the time of your application acceptance. Little changes are allowed and expected as memories return, of course, but as an example if your character's backstory includes them growing up with a relatively happy and normal childhood, please don't have them start murdering puppies at game's start.

5) DO NOT POWERGAME. Do not either control other people's characters without explicit permission from that player or attempt to power game. No one character is the star of Recollé; it is a collaborative game and everyone has the chance to participate. The more you put in, the more you will get out.

6) MEET AC. Be certain to meet our AC requirements and submit your AC on time. We do not allow for exceptions on our AC rules, so please familiarize yourself with them! Should extreme circumstances arise, please review the AC rules for your options, or speak to the mod team ahead of time.

7) PLEASE MEET OUR AGE LIMIT. We ask that all of our players be 18 years of age or older.

8) USE CHARACTER TAGS. When creating or replying to logs in [community profile] recolle and posts in [community profile] retrospec, please use character tags on your entries. Upon acceptance, the modteam will assign you a character tag to use.

9) BE MINDFUL OF CONTENT. As per our FAQs, please keep all explicit sexual content locked to private museboxes or located in character journals with appropriate warning labels. Likewise, please be conscious and properly warn for and label any graphic violence depicted in-game.

10) FOLLOW THESE RULES. As long as these rules are followed by our playerbase we'll have a great time! That said, we do operate under a strike system and the modteam reserves the right to ask players to leave should any major infraction incur.