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The general mod plurk account is [ profile] recolle. This plurk will contain game announcements (in addition to being posted to the appropriate game communities), links to posts/logs/update and etc. However, please do not send private plurks to the mod account as these may be missed! Additionally, please do not make a habit of pping mods one-on-one or asking about game things on their personal plurks.

For contact purposes, we accept comments to this post and PMs to this journal. Clarification questions should go to the FAQ or OOC plot posts so that every player can benefit from the answers, and as we do need to confer as a team over concerns it helps us to keep conversations in a place all of us can view the discussions.

Also keep in mind that we do keep "office hours" every MWF from 9PM - 11PM EST. During events we may have extra "office hours" times on Saturday from 9PM - 11PM EST. During this period of time, we will absolutely get through our queue of mod work, even if only to give a response that we need to discuss something further before completion. Please wait for the first office hours session after your question before contacting us about said question.*

*Exceptions may be things such as preparations for AC/plot preparations/app cycles, internet outages, etc. that cut into office hours.

Comments to this post are screened by default. As a note, while an account is required to comment you are welcome to use a sock; we have anon off as we have realised it makes it difficult to communicate with anons if we cannot contact them and be certain they receive our response.

[ profile] alternatively; head mod, plot mod.

[ profile] mercurialfelines; code mod, list mod.