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Recollé is a pan-fandom mem-loss and regain game in a modern setting. Taking place on a different version of the planet Earth, characters spend their days in the large metropolis known as Recollé, a hustling and bustling city filled with opportunity and promise for both young and old. The city is a peaceful one, many people moving to it to pursue higher education or career opportunities. Some have even been residents their entire lives and every day the city grows with the population. It's truly a thriving and happy place.

What residents don't realize is that this world isn't truly their own. Recollé is the first world in a brand new universe and all residents of this planet are newly reborn souls. Though these souls are reincarnated, they still have the capability to recall former lives through the recollection of memories. Several things can cause a soul to recall a memory and will be discovered through the course of the game, but strangely there are no reports of this phenomenon prior to now. In fact, if residents question anyone this, almost anyone they speak to won't know what they're talking about. A little odd, isn't it?

The game will focus on regaining memories through plot driven events and character action, unravelling the mystery as to why memories are being regained now and what this means for the characters and Recollé itself. As little things in Recollé begin to change or outright disappear, it’s up to characters to either find a way either back to their original worlds or adjust to their new normal and decide what exactly this means for them.