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As per the October plotting post, please comment here with a memory you would like to use for the warping nightmare fog that your character will receive as a freebie. This memory can be one your character does not have yet; once a character faces their warped memory and you turn in the thread, they will receive the correct memory.

Please be sure you are only using memories you already have, or memories we sign off on on this post. Thanks!

CHARACTER: Please use your character's canon name.
REGAINS: Link to your Regain Registry.

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Here is your entry to sign up for the QR portion of upcoming events! For the element of surprise amongst you and your peers, comments will be screened and things will come into play next weekend during the Recollé ReConvention. To sign up, simply fill out the form with your name, your character's name, a link to their registry, and how many QR codes they have earned. Sign-ups for these will be open between now and July 30th at 12am EST!