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Due to the mechanics of Recolle, on occasion regains and player plots will affect the world as a whole. While we will always announce these changes if and when they occur in the ooc comm and on plurk, this page tracks all previous and current world changes to be aware of for easy reference. Please note that no NPC will recall any of these changes ever not being true, even if they previously had reason to believe it, and will be confused if the topic is approached. If this changes at a later date, it will be announced.

Characters will be able to recall the original world state as soon as they have access to the Retrospec app, but will also remember thinking the world changes were normal prior to that - in addition to remembering that they were not normal. It's something of a headache.

Check out our World Regains page for more information on regaining/relosing world changes! Furthermore, you may see a chronological list of world changes over here!

Magic/etc. • Resonance now allows player characters to see/hear spirit player characters to a degree.
• Green Kryptonite can be found in the city and varying locations. Kryptonite is a rare element from the planet Krypton that was scattered throughout the universe when the planet was destroyed. Kryptonite emits a kind of radiation that Kryptonians absorb. This radiation is toxic to them, and will eventually result in them weakening and dying.

Fauna • Horses and Chocobos now exist peacefull side by side as of 1/16/18.
Mob Psycho ghosts can now be found in Recollé. They at most pull small pranks on people and the ones strong enough to harm others cannot currently be found around. They can be exorcised by those with those powers or purified salts, and they do not speak understandably. They can only be seen reliably by those with spiritual abilities after the end of the October event. NPCs do not acknowledge the ghosts at all.

Flora & Food • Apples, oranges, lemons, and limes come in the silly dancing fruits variety (these fruits do not make noises or do anything other than smile and jiggle). These exist alongside the normal varieties of fruit.
• After the May Event, Echo Flowers can be found in the Recollé Woods. They cannot be found elsewhere.
Pokemon berries now exist.

Culture, Toys, & Games • A new special kind of doll can be found in toy shops and department stores all over the city! These knock-offs, cleverly named "Tokonunga", are also available for purchase at all big retailers.
• Bunkers & Badasses, a Borderlands ripoff of Dungeons & Dragons, can now be found in stores! It has an intensely dedicated following already.
• There has been a new list of karaoke songs added to the city of Recollé! These songs can now be found in karaoke bars and machines all across the city and even can be sold on CDs for your own karaoke parties.
• The mobile game, King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon is now available for mobile devices.
• The Duel Monsters trading card game from Yugioh.

TechnologyMicromachines have begun showing up in the city. The micromachines will serve to help clean up any smog and environmental debris around the city to keep the air clean while also functioning as small surgical tools, great for one-time use for internal surgeries and other internal healing factors.
• DGM golems can be found with the following notes:
- Mechanical golems can actually be used for communication, which means these little guys can be used for phone calls/texts and Retrospec.
- Mechanical golems can't repair themselves. If they break, they're broken.
- While they will recognize whom they belong to and have some vague semblance of loyalty, there isn't much sentience to these guys and they won't have personalities.
- They don't have mouths.
- Finally, they can record audio and video and play it back! However, unlike Tim, the mechanical golems will not be able to record/playback character's canon memories! This aspect will only impact the AU setting.

Combat Linking is now a feature that is available via mobile phones. Please see the write-up for how this ability works.

FranchisesThe Crow's Nest now has locations across the world, including a brand new location right in the heart of Recollé!
• The Big Bang Burger joint now has a location in Recollé. It’s your typical burger joint with a space theme, though they also hold the Big Bang Burger challenge. You’ll have thirty minutes to eat a giant burger, and if you do, you get a title as well as a badge to show off your status as second mate/first mate/captain.
Narook's Noodlery has a location in Recollé.
• Tanaka's Amazing Commodities now exists and will air on TV every Sunday! Here is the list of things which can be purchased from the channel.
The Circus of Values now will begin to pop up around the city in the form of vending machines. Check out the link for a list of items that can be purchased.
• One Moogle Shop location has opened in Tisse. It sells sea salt ice cream pops, potions, hi-potions, ethers, and tents.
• One Probending stadium exists in-game, location near the Recollé gym for now.
Junes now exists opposite Freshens.
• An Unforeseen Simulation Joint training facility has appeared near the Recollé gym. As seen here this facility is designed as a training area and is split into several locations. Currently in-game we have achieved the mountain zone.
• The National Library has appeared in Apprassage. This library holds every book published in Japan. It has a very nice courtyard, a lounge area, an infirmary, several offices, a dining hall, a bar, and many unoccupied dorm rooms.
• The Three Broomsticks Inn has made its home in Tisse a pub that serves meals and most important their famous butterbeer.
• A new amusement park, Rainbowland, exists on the outskirts of Recollé. A small theme park somewhere in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Rainbowland has a ferris wheel, carousel, roller coaster, gyro tower, an assortment of child-friendly rides (teacups, bumper cars, hurricane, octopus), a train, restaurants, a midway, and a Monster House. The Monster House is a major attraction, located at the end of the central promenade of the park. It features live actors, dressed up as various monsters, jumping out at you in each room. Several of the rooms have neat features, like a chandelier that seems to fall on you. In the back is a storage/prop room (though technically off limits to everyone but staff). Currently the park hosts: the grounds, the midway, the carousel, and the children's rides.

Misc. • The Velvet Room now exists as well in the Tisse district next to the pizza port. While only Persona protagonists can enter this room, those with a high spiritual sense will be able to notice the door.
• The Sorcerer's Stone currently resides atop City Hall.
• Mementos and Tartarus may be explored by citizens on the Retrospec app. These nests are home to several shadows, but only Pixie, Slime, Unicorn and Anubis exist currently. These places are capable of hosting small missions for those with slightly distorted hearts and for training purposes.
• Palaces may also spawn from people on the Retrospec app. A Palace is a manifestation of "distortion", strong negative and corrupt thoughts that warp the perceptions of people into a hazard for themselves and others (for example, seeing all other people as living ATMs).Most people's negative and corrupt thoughts are blended together into the Metaverse in a location called Mementos, which is a Palace for all of humanity. All Palaces draw in Shadows, which help to protect them and fend off intruders and cognitive existences projected by the host. The stronger the person's corruption, the stronger the Shadows will be in the Palace.
• A strange moon hangs in the night sky alongside Earth's moon.