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Reserves are seven days prior to applications, and applications are open the last seven days every application month. For specific dates, please check our calendar. Reserves will close at the beginning of the application period and will last the entirety of the application period. We allow up to one challenge application per reserve, but you must reserve in order to challenge app. We allow only one reserve per player per round. Please be aware we do not allow proxy or anon reserves.

As per our FAQ guidelines, for a character to be appable they must have enough canon in order to draw a solid personality and background for regains in-game! A reserve and/or application may be declined if we feel a character does not have enough canon to be playable at this time. Likewise, we may accept a reservation but decline an application should the application not demonstrate a solid personality and background.

Comment below to place a reserve. After reserving, start your application.

Reserves are currently CLOSED.

Of note: current players who wish to apply for an additional character must provide us with the current month's AC! For example, if you are applying in August, please provide us with August's activity (comments and approved memory link) for your reserve to qualify. Those wishing to apply for a third character will need the current month's AC and passing AC from the previous month.

Should you reserve and then receive a strike on your AC, we will need to pull your application and ask that you apply in a future round. Thank you!

Adrian "Alucard" Ţepeş | Redd

Asuna Yuuki | Domon


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[personal profile] halfvampire 2019-03-18 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
CANON: Castlevania (Netflix series)
CHARACTER: Adrian "Alucard" Ţepeş
CONTACT: [ profile] pokerap
AC PROOF: Jaeger and Shigure
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[personal profile] undiningaffection 2019-03-23 11:40 pm (UTC)(link)
CANON: Sword Art Online
CHARACTER: Asuna Yuuki
CONTACT: [ profile] koh4711