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Hello, and welcome to Recollé's application page! Before applying, please be sure to read over the premise, rules, and faq. Familiarize yourself with our regains mechanic, the locations, and world-wide setting changes as well to help with the creation of your application!

Applications are currently CLOSED. Previously apped and accepted characters may turn in applications at any point between now and a month before endgame (July/August 2019.) All returning characters will have to turn in AC as normal, but they may app in with previous regains.

💠 Applications will be open for seven days. For specific dates, please check our calendar.

💠 Recollé does accept application challenges. We will accept one challenge per character (i.e. two players can apply for the same character.)
💠 Please note, we will not review and finalize decisions on applications with challenge reserves until both apps are in.
💠 In the special case of app challenges, a player who is not selected in a challenge may apply for a different character once they are notified of their first app's judgment. This second character cannot be reserved during the initial reserve period, and it cannot be an app challenge for a different character being applied in the same round. This application will then be judged once the app period is closed but will be finalized before in-game events for the month begin.

💠 All other applications will be judged over the course of the application period. Once your application is accepted, however, we will only allow you access to the OOC community until all applications are finalized. Once all applications have been processed and finalized, all applicants will receive access to the main communities.
💠 If you do not hear about your application in seven days after apps close, please contact the mod team.

💠 Please note, we may decline an application if we feel that a character being applied for does not have enough canon/background to be accepted even if the reserve has been accepted. We apologize in advance; we try to research canons briefly as reserves come in but we cannot make a judgment call until we review applications.
💠 In the event that you get revisions, you will have 48 hours to complete said revisions.
💠 In the event that your application is rejected, you may try again the following app period.

💠 Remember not to include other canon characters in your AU history without their explicit permission (this means do not include them if they are not being apped; keep it vague, you can add them later if they do app and only with the other player's permission). Please notate that permission was granted somewhere in your application!
💠 Due to the nature of the game, we ask that characters from differing medias ala MCU and Marvel comics do not use the other media to expand on memories. Please only use the canon you are applying from to draw upon.

💠 You can see older sample applications here and here.

Samples of accepted applications from the first application cycle can be viewed here, here, here, and here (ffxv spoilers).

Post your application to this entry with a comment header styled CHARACTER | CANON. Please do not link your application. Please do not adjust the size of the font in your application.

YOUR NAME: What should we call you?
18+?: Confirm that you are over 18. A specific age isn't required.
CONTACT: Plurk, aim, email, discord, etc!
CHARACTERS IN GAME: Please put N/A if this doesn't apply.
RESERVED?: If you have a reservation, please link it here! Otherwise just say no.

NAME: Western order.
AGE: Best approximate at their last canon appearance, include mental/phsyical if needed. 

CANON HISTORY: A wiki link will suffice, otherwise a brief summary.
CANON PERSONALITY: At least four paragraphs describing what makes your character tick, their motivations, fears, etc!
SKILLS/ABILITIES: Non-magical skills and magical abilities. Do not link to a wiki for this section; please fully list the skills and powers your character has.

AU NAME: As a reminder, while your character's name can be different it does not have to be different. If there is no change, simply re-list your previous answer.
PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES: Just note anything, such as if they did need to be humanized. Please note that any odd hair or eye colors should have been changed to something more ordinary.

AU HISTORY: Bullet points will suffice, but please cover everything. If you are combining AUs with another person (for example, making your characters friends or family) note it here and let us know the other person gave permission. Please remember that you may not list canon characters who are not being played or apped as part of your AU (i.e. Anna of Arendelle cannot list Elsa as her AU sister without an Elsa apping in and approving it), although you may leave a vague "my character has a sister" slot open for future applicants. It would be up to future applicants if they wanted their character to fit that slot or not, however.
AU PERSONALITY: Please touch upon any and all differences from their canon personality and why those differences exist. While there isn't a length limit for this section, it is important that you explain all the differences properly, and we may ask you for more if there isn't enough!

A link to a recent in-universe test drive or musebox thread or a written sample (300 words) showcasing your ability to portray your character. Threads must have at least ten comments from you to be valid. You may use more than one thread, but we ask for no more than two. Additionally, if you have one thread with less than 10 comments, you may supply it and write an additional sample as per the above guidelines.

Please note: we would prefer samples be no more than 2 months old!